Electric Heating Solutions

BJC boast a premium range of electric heating solutions,

as well as the ability to design and create bespoke products

to suit the requirements of any application.




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BJC boast a premium range of electric heating solutions, as well as the ability to design and create bespoke products to suit the requirements of any application.

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Our products include but are not limited to:

  • Immersion Heaters
  • Multi-Purpose Elements for your DIY requirements
  • Band & Strip Heaters
  • Fittings & Terminations
  • Full contract assembly.
  • Resistors
  • Commercial Catering Equipment
  • Air Heating/ HVAC
  • Defrost/ Refrigeration
  • Electric Boiler Elements
  • PID Controllers
  • Mica Clad Elements

BJC's strength lies in diversity, manufacturing onshore in our own facilities or utilising offshore partnerships

Electric heating solutions vary based on a few defining factors, including the industry, environment, application, and regulations. Most of our manufacturing is for custom type requirements, so we are equipped to assist in reviewing the design parameters for your specific application.

Select from the listed options below what applies to your company needs and let us recommend the best option for you. Alternatively, you can contact us to speak to us directly about the perfect solution for your business.


Quality Control, Process Management, and Testing

Quality is at the heart of our operations, and we always endeavour to exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of our product quality and service levels. BJC has been in constant ISO certification since 1994 and currently hold ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 4801. Regular audits are conducted to ensure that the requirements of these standards are met, and we are fulfilling our commitment to continual improvement of quality and efficiency.

BJC's quality control processes are certified to ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 4801 standards.

Testing: All product we manufacture is 100% electrically and visually tested using specialised testing equipment and jigs to ensure that it is safe and meets all of our customer’s requirements. For specific or niche testing requirements, we have experience in building and programming custom testing equipment.

Processing & QC: To ensure the tightest quality controls we adhere to strict quality protocols:

  • Sample Process: FMEA, Control Plans, Capability Studies, and Customer specific Reports.
  • Production Documentation: Work Instructions, Visual Aids, Flow Diagrams, SPC Charts, and Control Plans.
  • Production: 1st off prototype batch, Customer approval/Sign off, In Process testing, Final testing, Ongoing Quality audits.
  • Scheduling: Full Capacity and Tracking system for Customer orders through the factory to ensure we meet your delivery requirements.
  • Training: Comprehensive, fully documented training programme to ensure our staff are kept up to date.

Full assembly solutions are managed cost effectively with the latest production machinery and systems in place.

Design & Manufacturing Process

From simple to complex designs, BJC can take your electric heating requirements from basic information and sketches, or detailed drawings and specifications and manufacture to those requirements. We design and manufacture all of our heating elements to tight tolerances to ensure they are reliable and safe in service.


– Our design and manufacturing process typically starts with a request for quote from a potential or existing customer. All of our electric heating elements and assemblies are created to solve a problem, and we pride ourselves on working with the customer to ensure the solution meets their requirements.

– Our design and costing process typically includes early engagement where we can assist in the design and specifications of componentry based on industry best practice, and our tooling and machinery inventory.

– Where possible, we will offer alternative components alongside what is specified to achieve a competitive price. Any alternatives will come complete with detailed specifications to ensure they are fit for purpose.


– All RFQs are reviewed by our quoting and in-house application departments, who will determine whether we stock the required components, or contact our vendors to negotiate materials costs and set up secure supply lines. Material supply and delivery scheduling is based around our customer’s production demands.

– Upon customer approval of the quote, a formal purchase order is submitted and entered into the BJC system. If required, an initial prototype may be produced for the customer’s review and approval. Following these initial stages, production can begin.

– Delivery dates can be customised to accommodate spikes in customer demand. When placing an RFQ, let one of our team members explain how we can structure a blanket order to fit around your company’s specific demand.

Customer Service

– Our team takes pride in every order, no matter how large or small, and strives to build a strong working relationship with each and every client. Our customer service department values every customer request and works to resolve each request in a timely manner.

– We have supported our customers with customized weekly open order reports and can create any type of report in order to help ensure your company’s visibility. Our customer service team is proactive in making each production project a success and knowledgeable enough to suggest potential alternative solutions for difficult situations.

Plant & Equipment

At BJC we have a wide range of specialist machinery throughout our factory that we use to manufacture your product. Using the latest machinery, methodologies and training programmes, BJC are able to process cost effectively and achieve repeatability in its processes.
From complex industrial element assemblies to small heating elements, BJC has the capabilities, experience, and materials to accommodate most assembly specifications.

From complex industrial element wiring assemblies to small heating elements, BJC can accommodate most assembly specifications.

Our machinery list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Kanthal Spiral Winders
  • CSM Filling Towers
  • Kanthal Rolling Mills
  • Conductor Pin Machining Centre
  • Presses up to 1200 tonnes.
  • Kanthal KTE Automatic Testers testing resistance, Insulation and High Voltage
  • Stretch to length machines.
  • Annealers
  • Drying Ovens
  • Spot Welders
  • Benders and formers made to individual customer specifications.
  • Stainless Steel Finning Machines
  • Welding equipment for MIG/ TIG/ Gas
  • Full in-house wiring division for associated wiring assemblies.

Source & Supply

When it comes to the supply and management of electronic /electrical components, mechanical components, and assemblies we can offer our extensive procurement and logistics experience. Along with the benefit of long-term relationships with both local and overseas supply partners, we are able to offer a diverse and cost-effective sourcing network.

BJC are an experienced manufacturer, expert in providing the best solution for any individual requirements

As part of our risk management programme, we monitor all suppliers on service, quality, flexibility, and price to ensure that they fit into our organisation. We conduct annual audits by onsite visits or through correspondence and share our results with them to help improve both organisations.
We are an ISO compliant facility and manufacture to all relevant standards. Our inventory and manufacturing processes comply with ROHS mandates.

Offshore Partnerships

Our strength lies in diversity, whether manufacturing onshore in our own manufacturing facilities and outsourcing, where required, or utilising one of our offshore partnerships who specialise in specific manufacturing processes.
So often, overseas organisations are geared up for high runs only. We have formed partnerships with organisations that can and will deliver on small orders with the same level of service as well. A lot of time has gone into selecting these partnerships, considering communication, level of expertise and trading history.


Custom Immersion Heaters
Standard Immersion Heaters
Custom Finned Air Heaters
Standard Finned Air Heaters
Commercial Cooking Elements
Defrost & Evaporator Elements
Multi Purpose Elements
Cartridge Heaters
Band Heaters
Strip Heaters
Furnace & Kiln Elements
Industrial Pocket Heaters
Load Banks & Resistors
Drum Heaters
Duct Heaters
Fittings & Terminations