Cartridge Heaters

BJC Stainless steel cartridge heaters feature:

  • High heat density
  • Fast Heating
  • Stainless steel sheaths providing a stable, non-oxidising surface
  • Maximum surface temperature 650°C (1200°F)
  • Heat resistant flexible tails
  • Heating element supported on high quality ceramic and solidly compacted with magnesium oxide
  • Precision diameter tube for close fit in machined holes • Basic list of designs are readily adaptable to suit special requirements, sizes and ratings
  • Clearly stamp rated- Watts/Volts/Code No.

Our range of cartridge heaters is commonly used in plastic dies, moulds, platens, bag sealers, carton making, shoe machinery, food vending, defrosting, electrical switch gear cabinets and a host of other applications. Please contact your local BJC agent for more information.


BJC cartridge heaters are manufactured +0.00mm – 0.10mm for any given diameter. This sizing is maintained so that all units are a slide fit into a standard reamed hole. Thermal action will expand the element to ensure a close fit for maximum heat transfer.

In most applications cartridge elements are inserted into reamed holes and dissipate their heat by direct contact thus allowing loadings up to 6.2 watts/cm2 of surface area of the cartridge (40W/in2 )

In applications where they are not in direct contact such as defrosting and air heating in switch gear cubicles, etc., then the maximum watt density must not exceed 3.1 watts/cm2 of surface area (20W/in2 ).

All sizes feature flexible nickel wire leads with double glass insulation. Standard lead length is 250mm but longer leads can be supplied on application.

Cartridge Heaters

For use in switch gear cabinets
and similar applications to combat
condensation problems.

• Available ex-stock
• Standard range diameter is 16mm
• Supplied with 250mm Tails
• Other diameters and lengths available upon request

Contact us today with your enquiry and one of our team will be in touch.

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All elements are designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 3100. This range of elements are suitable for use in heating units manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 1668.1. Contact your BJC agent for special wattages, voltages or sizes.