Standard Finned Air Heaters

Finned air heaters consist of tubular heating elements, which have a continuous fin strip rolled around the circumference of the heating element to increase the surface area and therefore increase its ability to dissipate heat.

Finned heaters are used for

  • Convection air heating
  • Forced air heating (HVAC)
  • Space heating
  • Industrial process air heating

BJC Finned heaters are constructed from 304 stainless in sheath diameters of 8mm and 10.7mm.

BJC Standard Finned heaters are supplied with zinc plated M16 crimp fittings and M5 termination studs.

Thermofin: F865 Series
Thermofin: F886 Series
Thermofin: F1129 Series
Thermofin: F1141 Series

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All elements are designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 3100. This range of elements are suitable for use in heating units manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 1668.1. Contact your BJC agent for special wattages, voltages or sizes.