Design Assistance

In partnership with our customers and procurement team, our Design and Project Engineers can turn your design drawings or samples into manufactured products. Our team can design and advise for the manufacture of one element or mass producing elements. We are also able to repair and in some cases improve the design of your element. Should your element be beyond repair we can manufacture a new one for you.

From Design, Production/Process and Maintenance Engineering we have the resources and talent to tackle most challenges, simple or complex. Our engineering team interpret customer requirements, and translate them into our own in house manufacturing documentation. This ensures all products are manufactured to customer specifications and standardises our documentation to assist in training.

At BJC this is a consultative process and an assembly being built for the first time goes through rigorous evaluation where our team will find time, cost and/or quality enhancing alternatives during this process. We will pass these recommendations, with the relevant Technical Specifications, onto our customers, who can then make an informed decision about their products manufacture.