From simple to complex designs BJC can take your Electric Heating requirements from basic information and sketches, or detailed drawings and specifications and manufacture to those requirements.

Our design and costing process typically includes early engagement where we can assist in design and the specification of componentry based upon our tooling and machinery inventory. Where we are able, we will offer alternative components as well as what is specified to achieve a competitive price. All alternatives offered will have detailed specifications provided so that an informed decision can be made.

Electric Heating Elements are an integral component in wide range of equipment that we use on a daily basis, both in our homes and workplaces. They are an essential component to our day-to-day operations, and they need to be manufactured and designed properly to continue efficient operations.

Manufacturing Electric Heating Elements can be a complex process, but BJC has the experience and knowledge to do it right every time.


BJC’s manufacturing process typically starts with a request for quote from a potential or returning customer. All of our electric heating elements are created to solve a problem, and we meet with customers to ensure our products will meet all of their needs. Once our client has approved the design, we begin the manufacturing process.

All RFQs are reviewed by our quoting and in-house application departments. We search our internal database and determine if we have any like components in stock or contact our vendors to negotiate material costs in order to secure the best pricing. Some of these vendors have special auto replenishment programs priced for BJC with no additional freight or packaging charges, thus enabling BJC to provide very competitive pricing for our customers.

Upon customer approval of a quote, a formal purchase order is submitted and entered into the BJC system. If required, a First Article is produced for the customer’s review and approval. Any design modifications after their First Article is approved is updated in our system and production can then begin. Material procurement and delivery scheduling is based on our customers’ production demands.

Delivery dates can be modified to accommodate a spike in business, without any added cost to you. When placing an RFQ, let one of our team members explain in detail how we can structure a blanket order to fit around your company’s demands.


Customer Service

Our team takes pride in every order, no matter how large or small, and strives to build a strong working relationship with each and every client. Our customer service department values every customer request and works to resolve each request in a timely manner.

We have supported our customers with customized weekly open order reports and can create any type of report in order to help ensure your companies visibility. Our customer service team is proactive in making each production project a success and knowledgeable enough to suggest potential alternative solutions for difficult situations.


When our electric heating elements have been manufactured, they undergo multiple safety and quality checks to ensure the product meets all of our customer’s requirements. Safety is one of the most critical considerations when working with electrical components, and the manufacturing process never ends before the safety of our products is ensured.

We are an ISO compliant facility and manufacture to all relevant standards. Our inventory and manufacturing processes comply with ROHS mandates.