Offshore Partnerships

Our strength lies in diversity, whether manufacturing onshore in our own manufacturing facilities and out sourcing, where required, or utilising one of our offshore partnerships who specialise in specific manufacturing processes. So often, overseas organisations are geared up for high runs only. We have formed partnerships with organisations that can and will deliver on small orders with the same level of service as well. A lot of time has gone into selecting these partnerships, taking into account communication, level of expertise and trading history.

When it comes to the supply and management of finished assemblies, or partially finished assemblies that are to be completed in our own onshore manufacturing facility, we can offer our extensive procurement and logistics experience, along with the benefit of long term relationships with our overseas supply partners, and offer a diverse and cost effective sourcing network.

As part of our risk management programme we monitor all suppliers on service, quality, flexibility and price to ensure that they fit into our organisation. We conduct annual audits through site visits or correspondence and share our results with them to help improve both organisations services.